kathleya afanador


allen fogelsanger


armadillo dance project uses real-time computer-interactive technology to create performances and installations that intimately entwine movement, sound, and other media. it is an ongoing collaboration between choreographer kathleya afanador and composer allen fogelsanger.

we use interactive technology as a creative and collaborative tool for making dance. our aim in using this tool is not to spotlight the technology but rather to create interesting and unusual relationships between sound and movement. these relationships exist within expanded fields--the sounds are often not music and the movements often not dance as traditionally conceived. the resulting audio-visual performance may offer experiences ranging from the cerebral to the sensual, that combine into a challenging puzzle of formal structures and playful juxtapositions. dancers do not so much dance to the music as engage in a clever and witty game with it, while the audience is allowed the fun of discovering multiple ways of seeing a dance.